Riverfly Monitoring

England’s chalk streams are under constant threat from pollution, abstraction and numerous other factors.

The hard work performed by volunteers, like the river keepers of the Portsmouth Services Fly Fishing Association, helps to preserve a delicate balance on rivers like the Meon and Itchen, which run through the county where fly fishing was born – Hampshire.

Fishing is so much more than just trying to catch fish. Anglers are environmentalists, who care passionately about the locations they visit. Here’s a short film about the partnership formed between the PSFFA and leading entomologist Dr.Cyril Bennett, which shows just how we are putting something back into the environment. We work very closely with the Riverfly Partnership to keep a close eye on the invertebrates inhabiting these precious chalk streams. Preserving the delicate balance is crucial in these incredibly delicate eco-systems. This film shows how some of the work to protect the Rivers Meon and Itchen is carried out.