Invasive Species & Bio Security

Non-native invasive species present a direct threat to the delicate balance of nature in this country. On this page you will find details of some of the more common non-native, invasive plants and animal species that you may come across on the river bank. If you do come across any of these, please take a photograph if you can, make an exact note of where you saw it and report this to the PSFFA Environment Officer You can view, download or print any of the data sheets, by first clicking on the relevant link below. Help stop the spread of non-native, invasive species by observing good Bio Security practice – Check, Clean & Dry after every fishing trip.

Argulus (fish louse)

American Mink

Killer Shrimp

Signal Crayfish


American Skunk Cabbage

Azolla Water Fern

Floating Pennywort

Giant Hogweed

Himalayan Balsam

Japanese Knotweed

New Zealand Pigmyweed

Parrots Feather

Water Primrose