About Us

The Portsmouth Services Fly Fishing Association was formed in 1949 as a non-profit organisation, managed and run entirely by volunteers, to provide serving and retired members of all the Armed Forces, including their reserves, with reasonably-priced fly fishing on two of the finest chalk streams in Hampshire. That objective still remains to the present day, with the Association actively supporting conservation and charitable projects that complement the original aims.

Manor Beat Footbridge

The Association leases about six miles of excellent fishing along the very pretty banks of the River Meon, between Exton and Wickham, which visiting expert fishermen have described as an absolute gem.

In addition, the Association also leases fishing on several stretches of excellent water on the River Itchen near and downstream of Winchester. These are regularly stocked with brown trout of twelve inches or more and there are plenty of wild grayling, which provide good sport on selected beats right through until 31st January.

Both rivers are maintained and regularly stocked by the Association’s team of volunteer keepers. These are chalk streams renowned for their fly life and both rivers support an abundance of river flies, including the main species that are of interest to dry fly anglers such as Olives, Blue Winged Olives, Stonefly and Caddisfly, with excellent hatches of the iconic Mayfly providing exciting sport in late May and early June.

The Meon is particularly well-known for its exceptional quantity of wild brown trout and members often enjoy catching large numbers of these beautiful and challenging fish.

The Association also leases fishing on two lakes in Sussex and Hampshire, both of which are stocked with 1½-2lb rainbows and are available to fish year round.